Applying your Vinyls

Thank you for your purchase from Jurassic Vinyls, depending on the type of vinyl please select the relevant type below and read the instructions.

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Car Stickers / Decals Application

1. Preparation, for the best performance from our vinyls, there are a couple of steps we would ask you to perform before applying;

 - Ensure the area is thoroughly clean (free of wax & oil if applied to a Vehicle)
 - Surface must be dry
 - Surface is dust / pollen-free

2. Applying; the vinyl is sandwiched between two contact sheets

 - Peel paper backing away carefully uncovering the adhesive side of the vinyl.
 - Line up where you want the sticker and press against the car work from one edge to the other. (left to right or top to bottom)
 - Should vinyl not be stuck to application paper/film carefully press between the layers of backing and application film till it lifts off the backing.
 - Use some rapid detailer or car shampoo and warm water and soft cloth apply pressure rubbing the air out and firmly sticking the vinyl to the car
 - Rewax the area if required. 

3. After Care 

 - Vinyls applied in conditions as stated above should be able to withstand light jetwash and carwash.
 - Waxing and sealants will help maintain the colour.


 - Check the weather! Best applied on a calm day with little wind to avoid dust sticking to adhesive and vinyls being damaged in a gust of wind
 - Take care with a large section of vinyl where air can get trapped
 - Small bubbles can be pressed out carefully and very small bubbles may disappear over time quicker in warm weather.
 - Do not apply vinyl in cold weather, or try and heat up vinyl to apply in cold weather in an attempt to recreate a hot day... this doesn't work!
 - If your placing it across two panels stick vinyl down first then carefully cut between the panel gap ensuring the cut edge is stuck down against the return edge of each panel

Wall Art 

1. Preparation, for the best performance from our vinyls, there are a couple of steps we would ask you to perform before applying;

 - Ensure the area is thoroughly clean (free of dust and fingerprints. If in an area near or in a kitchen check for build-ups of grease)
 - Surface must be dry
 - We recommend a roll of low tack tape (masking tape) click here for google results.
 - A squeegee or credit card/loyalty card to help remove trapped air, when using squeegee try and push in one direction.
 - A pair of scissors or knife will also help in some situations of installation
 - If possible for larger installations another pair of hands to assist is always useful.

2. Applying, Make sure you are aware of the difference between backing paper (has a gloss one side manufacturer logo on reverse) and application tape (this is opaque)

 - Using the low tack tape run the tape from top to bottom through the middle of the vinyl and attach to the wall in place.
 - Making sure the vinyl is in the location you want using enough tape to stop the vinyl from moving.
 - Use a squeegee / credit card/loyalty card to press the application tape to the vinyl. 
 - Carefully peel the backing paper away leaving the vinyl on the application tape up to the centre line or where you have used the low tack tape.
   IF the vinyl hasn't stuck to the application tape, slowly and carefully using the squeegee push the application tape back on to the backing paper and then repeat the step above. 
 - Once you have reached the centre line or where you have used the low tack tape cut the backing paper and remove. 
 - Press the application tape with the vinyl to the wall using the squeegee lightly press the vinyl through the application tape to the wall. 
 - Repeat steps above until all backing paper has been removed the vinyl should now be on the wall with no backing paper attached.
 - Using squeegee one last time firmly rub over the areas of the application tape where the vinyl is.
 - From one corner of the application tape slowly pull-down diagonally across the vinyl to reveal your attached vinyl on the wall.

It is important on the last step your pull-down and not away from the wall this could cause the vinyl to peel from the wall as you remove the application tape.

3. After Care 

 - If cleaning is required use a damp cloth to wipe down.


Further Assistance

If you require any further assistance please contact us through the contact form and we will be back in touch, in addition, we will be creating video content shortly on how to apply all the above please keep an eye on the socials for how to do this.

Remember to show us your Vinyl after you have applied and if we like your pic we will give 10% off your next order!

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