Jurassic Vinyls consists of two guys in Dorset with an opportunity to create an online shop and vinyl cutter.

The Beginnings

Back in 2017 Ben was out with friends and was offered a vinyl cutter some vinyl and the software. after a bit of research, Ben called up Kev and asked if he would be interested in going halves on the purchase... Both of us had dabbled and helped out family/friends and some local businesses after we purchased the cutter but hadn't really done much else beyond that as of us are in full-time professional jobs.

Fast forward to April 2020 when both Ben and Kev were furloughed as a result of the global pandemic COVID19. Like many others in the same situation, we were trying to find things to do to occupy their time whilst in a lockdown. Kev had already purchased a couple of domains Ben and Kev sat down and looked at how we could better utilise our purchase and so the Jurassic Vinyls website was born 21st April 2020.

One Year On

April 2021 almost a full year on from the conception we now have 500+ unique designs on our website with tens of thousands in combinations from colour to size and customisations. We don't anticipate this being it with daily posts to social media and new designs added almost weekly our next goal is to achieve 1000+ unique products for a multitude of purposes.

Our Aims

Top Quality Service - every business hopes to achieve this and so far we think we have. Check out our testimonials, we don't intend on this changing moving forward and hope to make it better if we can!

To provide Top-quality products 
- Using RitRama L100 range vinyls giving us great colour flexibility with versatile usability.

Original designs Fun ProductsJurassic Vinyls currently (April 2021) have 500+ Designs we hope in the next 12 months to double that.

Supporting local business and charities - Jurassic Vinyls is aware in the current climate that we need to support as much as we can local business and charities, and will endeavour to make this possible.

Growth on Social Platforms - Jurassic Vinyls are on all the platforms and looking at how we can best get our services and products to reach the right audiences in the UK.

Online Market Place - Jurassic Vinyls currently only sell via this website, we hope to expand on that and utilise other online Market Places to sell our services and products.

About Ben & Kev

Jurassic Vinyls consists of two guys with a friendship going back 10 years, We originally met as leaders through Scouting and Duke of Edinburgh. From there it's been housemates, colleagues, best man, godparent and overlapping all that business partners with Jurassic Vinyls and still doing Scouting!  

Ben (on the right) is the Engineering Guru working for some of the largest marine organisations in the world! Looking after almost everything mechanical that you can find on a boat! His knowledge from that helps us keep the cogs on the cutter turning and provides the lateral thinking when cutting and making sure we can cut what Kev creates.

Kevin (on the left) is the IT Guru working in several business sectors in varying IT roles and now in IT Management was perfect for the setup of Jurassic Vinyls. With a hint of creativity, he also is behind a lot of the artwork that goes into creating the products on the site as well as the day-to-day running (hosting, security, upkeep and upgrades).

If you're still reading this far well done! Why not check out the rest of the website or on the socials shown below!

On The Socials

We are on all the socials now with almost daily posts showcasing our products and getting word of what we have achieved. 

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