Brownsea Raptors Badge - Collection

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Dorset Scouts Unit #79 - Brownsea Raptors

Take the complete collection (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green) including the Gold Collectors badge for a bargain price! (should be £22.50 you get it for £20)! 

All Badges are Woven with Laser Cut Edge and a Fleece Backing (Sew-On)




  •          The Korean Jamboree taking place in 2023 will be the largest Scout camp to be held  since the start of the Covid Pandemic
  •          50,000 young people from almost every nation on earth to take part
  •          Young people from every corner of the UK to participate

Jurassic Vinyls is proud to be supporting 36 of the 3,240 young people that have been selected from the UK to join 50,000 young people taking part in the World Scout Jamboree. The Jamboree is a skills, cultural and adventure festival happening in sensational and scenic South Korea. In the summer of 2023, these 36 young people will be meeting thousands of Scouts from nearly every country in the world. This will be the first time that so many young people from so many different nations will be gathering together since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

The World Scout Jamboree offers young people the chance to learn new skills that they can use in other aspects of their life as well as campaign for change on key world issues that matter to them. The World Scout Jamboree will be the culmination of 18 months’ work for the young people and their volunteer leaders, who together are called the UK Contingent.

In preparation for a ‘roarsome’ time ahead, young people from the UK Contingent have adopted a logo featuring a Siberian tiger, the national animal of Korea. They have named the tiger ‘Chingu’ a word that means friend in Korean.

Between now and July 2023 Dorset Scouts will attend training camps and team building events preparing them for living on the hot and humid site in SaeManGeum, Korea.

 The Korean hosts of the Jamboree have challenged participants to “Drawn your Dream” and as part of their Jamboree journey, Dorset Scouts will have the opportunity to discover new cultures and take part in activities focusing on the environment, skills development and global development issues. 

 UK Chief Scout Bear Grylls said:

 ‘Congratulations to all those who have been selected to go on this amazing adventure! World Scout Jamborees only happen every four years and tens of thousands of Scouts from across the world attend each one. Young people will experience different cultures, languages and cuisine while learning new skills. After two very difficult years, it is so important that these young people have this opportunity. ‘The 2023 Jamboree, hosted by Korea, is set to be one of the biggest and most exciting yet. The theme is “Think big. Dream wild. Act Together.” – focusing especially on how   we can be trailblazers in creating a sustainable world together.’

100% (less Paypal fees) of this purchase will be given to Unit 79 Dorset Raptors for the World Scout Jamboree in 2023 SaeManGuem. 


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